Friday, October 26, 2012

Moodboard: Babushka Halloween Costume

Halloween Weekend is here. And since Halloween lands on the middle of the week this year, that means I will most likely be wearing more than one costume. However, the big night for me is tomorrow night. So I will be putting the most effort into this costume, which is starting to look pretty effortless. Especially with my plethora of vintage clothing! I've always loved Babushka dolls, and thought they were so funny and strange. I remember laughing hysterically as a child, because I came upon a doll set where it seemed like it would never end. And when I finally got to the last doll, it was seriously as small as a rice grain! Anyway, I'll be bringing my own Babushka doll set out tomorrow to complete the ensemble!
While doing research on this costume I came up with a list of key items: a vibrant floral or polka dot scarf to wrap around your head, a pair of quirky clogs, and brightly colored apron...preferably one with an Eastern European flair to it. Other pieces to consider are a pinafore dress, peasant blouse, and a bouquet of flowers or a basket of flowers. Makeup in this costume is also crucial. The standard doll face, with rosy cheeks, bright eyes with lashes on the top and bottom, white eyeliner on the rim, and red heart shaped lips. Below are some other inspiration images for my costume. I will do an update post once Halloween is over!

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  1. I love this look!

    I was on google image searching for new style for winter, even though this post is about halloween lol
    but I really like how they tie up the headscarf and the prints on them.